The alleged female swindler alleges that he always wanted to return the money

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Albert C., the man accused of embezzling allegedly 25 women to keep his money, has denied today that he cheated an ex-girlfriend who denounced him in 2015 because “at all times” he intended to return the 2,280 euros that she lent him.

Albert C. has returned today to the Ciutat de la Justícia de Barcelona to be tried for two complaints of fraud by two women who allegedly ripped off his money, between 2015 and 2016, although the second of them it has been suspended at the request of the defense so that its psychiatric history is brought to the case and examined by a coroner.

According to the lawyer explained by Albert C. to the media, his client has 25 complaints from women who accuse him of having seduced them to keep their money, although according to their version they are all due to a campaign driven by an ex-girlfriend of the defendant through a web page.

In the first of the trials held today, in which Albert C. was accused of defrauding a woman to whom he borrowed money alleging that he had suffered an accident and had to undergo surgery, the defendant has argued that his intention was always to return the money lent to the complainant and that he did so months later.

The prosecution requests two years and six months in prison for Albert C. for this alleged scam, since the defendant ended up returning the money once he knew that the complainant – who has declared behind closed doors, without public – had initiated legal action against him .

In her final conclusions, the prosecutor has argued that in the story of both there are similarities, such as that they maintained a love relationship after meeting through an application of contacts, while they differ in the facts that motivated her to lend him the money.

According to the defendant, from the first day they met, he told the injured party that he did not have a job and therefore he was asking for different amounts of money for his daily needs.

The prosecutor, however, has highlighted the version of the complainant, who said that Albert C. was presented as a private investor who handled large amounts of money and requested money in situations of great need -as an operation that required after a accident-, so the victim lent it “in good faith”.

Although both did not establish a date to return the loans, the prosecutor maintains that the defendant only paid the amount to the affected one when it knew that she had denounced him.

The second trial to be held this morning, which corresponds to similar events that occurred in 2016, has been suspended after the defense has requested that its client be examined by a forensic doctor because since that year he has been undergoing “psychiatric treatment” for depression.

The prosecutor, who has referred to Albert C. has a history of slight fraud and has recalled the rest of proceedings opened against him for alleged similar scams, has indicated that the accused “was engaged in this” to obtain income.

Debt counseling in Friedberg (Hesse)

Friedberg is located in the northern Rhine-Main area and forms the administrative headquarters of the Wetteraukreis . The city in Hesse currently has a debtor quota of just under 10 percent , which is just below the nationwide average. If the debt grows over your head, as a result of over-indebtedness, going to a debt counseling service may be necessary or at least advisable.

Debt counseling centers in Friedberg

Caritasverband GießenBSD Wetterau Small Klostergasse 16
61169 Friedberg

Tel .:
+49 6031 5834



Caritas Association Aichach-Friedberg Debtor and insolvency advice
Hermann-Löns-Str. 6
86316 Friedberg

Tel .:
0821 26891 – 14
0821 26891 – 18



Who can debtors turn to in Friedberg?

Debt counseling is not always necessary, but it should be taken into account when the debt picture is lost or threatened. If debtors are no longer able to settle their outstanding debts or if the first consequences have already been asserted, those affected can receive help from a debt counseling service in Friedberg .

On the other hand, debtors who settle the installments for their debts on a regular and timely basis generally do not need debt counseling.

  • Public Counseling Centers
  • Legal advice

It should be noted that it is also not possible to assume that a qualified debt counselor will conduct the interview even with recognized advice centers (according to § 305 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 InsO). It is therefore advisable to submit appropriate evidence of the professional qualifications of the consultant before beginning the debt counseling service.

A public debt counseling service is free in Friedberg, but often also a correspondingly high waiting time must be taken into account. Therefore, in some cases, the legal advice may be advisable, as this can usually take place at short notice .

How does a debt counseling work in Friedberg?

Debt counseling always sets itself the goal of achieving debt freedom for the person concerned , with the advisors actively supporting the debtor. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the debtor to cooperate actively and provide all necessary documents and documents . All debts must be disclosed, so that the advisors have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the financial situation of the debtor.

Another task of debt counseling may be to engage with creditors and, if necessary, to negotiate an out-of-court settlement . She can also help with the initiation of insolvency proceedings and promote this accordingly.

The evolution of mini-credits, from Bangladesh to the line of credit


The origin of the microloans is in Bangladesh

The origin of the microloans is in Bangladesh

Muhammad Yunus was the inventor of microcredits, an idea that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. This Bangladeshi realized that women bamboo furniture manufacturers from the poorest neighborhoods of their city had to accept loans from usurers with bad conditions to pay their suppliers. Therefore, decided to make small loans with much more favorable conditions, which allowed them to achieve greater benefits in their business. Currently, the Grameen Bank has lent money to more than 6.1 million people , especially poor women.

The ‘payday loan’ was the first Anglo-Saxon adaptation

The first to adopt these products were the Anglo-Saxon countries. Given the quality of the former colony of Bangladesh, which is still a member of the Commonwealth, its expansion to the western world could not come through anywhere other than the United Kingdom. In this country, as well as in the United States, mini-credits are known as ” payday loans “, since they were created as an advance payment day . In this way, they were used to eliminate solvency months of excessive spending or in which it would be necessary to assume a payment more bulky than expected.

The arrival in Spain of mini-credits in 2008

The minicréditos took longer to reach Spain, but its success was resounding. Its landing coincided with the crisis of 2008, when Spanish financial institutions, especially banks, closed the credit tap. Therefore, many Spanish families decided to go to these products in search of the financing they needed .

Such has been the success of mini-credits in our country that, fruit of the enormous competition that exists between entities, we can find offers of the most favorable if we know the market. It is the case of those companies of free mini loans that allow us to get up to 300 euros without having to return anything more than the borrowed money, that is to say 0% APR, like the following:

Loan Maximum amount Cost / € 100 to 30 days Term I’m interested
Minicrédito Vivus Up to € 300 new customers Free Up to 30 days
Apply for
Dineo Minicredit Up to € 300 new customers Free Up to 30 days
Apply for
Ferratum Minicredit Up to € 300 new customers Free Up to 30 days
Apply for

In the event that we want to take advantage of this promotion, we will have to comply with the conditions set by the companies that offer them to us. In the case of the three products of the previous table, we will have to be new clients of the entity and reimburse the money in 30 days . For future loans, we will have to assume a 1.1% cost.

Lines of credit for individuals on the horizon

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Currently, many entities that have traditionally offered mini-credits are promoting a new product. It is about credit lines for individuals. These loans, inspired by the lines of credit that were created for the self-employed, function as a financial cushion from which we can extract money and only pay for that cash we use. One advantage of the credit lines as opposed to those offered by the banks is that, in case we do not extract any money, we will not have to pay anything, while the banks will charge us a commission for not disposition.

This is the review of the evolution of mini-credits, which are about to turn fifty years and which promises a promising future. Whenever we have the need for a cash injection quickly, without links and with zero commissions, mini-credits can be the answer.

Dindin, mini-credits up to € 1,100 and up to 6 months

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With the first loan is free and can be requested even by people over 70 years old. Dindin offers you the possibility of returning the money in monthly installments to make it easier for you.


Benefits No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Do not Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 7 days Deadline: 6 months Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 1,100

Dindin additional information


Dindin is a mini-credit company, formerly called Dinerio, which differs from other similar companies by granting quick loans of up to € 1,100 and being the only one that lends money to people over 70 years of age . Another fundamental difference, and why more and more people decide to ask for their loans in , is that it allows you to return the money in monthly installments of up to 6 months , no matter how small the loan amount is.

Dindin’s quick credits range from € 50 to a maximum of € 1,100 . The deadlines to return the loan in a single payment are 7, 14 and 30 days but you can ask for the money for a period of 3 and 6 months, in which case the return is made in comfortable monthly installments of up to 6 months.

New customers can order up to € 300 completely online . The only requirement is to be 23 years old or older and have a source of income, only with that you can get a loan of up to € 1,100 with Dindin.

Dindin Loans

Remember that you have the possibility to return the money also in monthly installments, the operation becomes more expensive but it may be easier to return the money in this way than if it is done in a single monthly payment thus avoiding problems.

How to order a minipréstano in Dindin

The request is made through the Internet, the first step is to access the dindin website to start the application process.

Once inside the web you have to choose the amount of money you need and the term . New customers can request up to a maximum of € 300 and the rest up to € 1,100 . After marking the amount of the mini credit, you must mark the term. If we want to return the money in a single payment can choose between 7, 14 or 30 days, if we prefer to do it in installments we select 3 or 6 months .

At all times we see on screen the cost of the loan depending on the amount requested and the term. If you are happy click on the “Get your loan” button.

In the next step you must enter your DNI or NIE number and press ” Continue “, in the next screen you must fill in your personal and contact information. Now to verify the data you can choose to send the documentation by email or WhatsApp or do it automatically by Instantor. If you choose Instantor, you receive an answer about the loan grant automatically .

Finally, if the mini-credit has been accepted by Dindin, you receive it in minutes in your bank account. As you can see, it is a simple, convenient and quick way to request a small quick credit online.

Parents, students, teachers and universities are opposed to another 'tasazo' in enrollment

  • The unions will contact the student movements to raise a response if the increase in enrollment is confirmed.
  • “The Madrilenians will end up out of higher education unless they have a lot of purchasing power,” criticizes Fapa Giner de los Ríos.
  • The Community can induce an increase of between 15 and 27%.

15% to 27% increase

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The educational community rejects the increase of between 15% and 27% that the government of Ignacio González wants to apply to the university enrollment from the next academic year. Although the price is not yet signed, parents, students, teachers, unions and citizen groups are preparing for another autumn of mobilizations.

The rectors have been the first to get up. Fernando Galván, head of the University of Alcalá de Henares and spokesperson for the group, did not hesitate to make public the plans that the Minister of the industry, Lucía Figar, had transmitted to them in individual meetings. These happen because the universities compensate a new cut in funding (up to 55 million) with the increase in rates .

Where will the expelled go for lack of money? However, the rectors warn, the remedy would be worse than the disease. “If enrollment increases, fewer students will enroll, the income will fall, the research will suffer and we will not cover the expenses,” a spokesperson explained. “In the end, the universities will have to dismiss professors and administrative staff because they will be strangled,” adds Paula Guisande, Secretary of Knowledge and Youth of CC OO.

Universities have parents on their side. José Luis Pazos, president of Fapa Giner de los Ríos, criticizes that the Community has not “caught” the message after two general strikes: “In Madrid, who does not have high purchasing power , will be left out.” “In the FP, taxes have also been imposed, there is no employment, where will those expelled for lack of money go?” They point out from the university sector of UGT.

The Student Union and the Take the Faculty collective, which have championed the fight against the PP’s educational reform and against the cuts, have also shown their willingness to organize imprisonments and protests.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the Ministry of Education devoted to universities up to 165 million euros less . In addition, it owes several million in funds committed for the period 2007-2011 and recognized in court ruling. The game dedicated to infrastructure and repairs has practically been zero. On the other hand, enrollment increased by 38% on average . This time, the figure will depend on the objective of the deficit that the central government marks for the Autonomous Community and what it wants to allocate to Higher Education.

Bethlehem Montilla. 19 years. Fine arts.

“I want to study Fine Arts or Journalism, my parents will pay me the tuition, about 1,300 euros, but if they raise the credits again we will have to get rid of other things to save and pay for the studies in installments.” This summer I have looked for a job to help. My mother is very angry because she says that they do not want us to study or have culture, that’s why we have to fight “.

Ana Martínez 22 years. Journalism and Audiovisual Communication.

“My father paid the 1,400 euros of my enrollment, I only have the final year job and the internship, but that’s why I also have to pay, so Minister Wert does not come out saying that they give us the studies because we also contribute with our There are people who take advantage of scholarships , but you have to give them to those who need them . “

How To Get Out Of Debt In Hard Times

Frankly speaking these devices “buy now pay later” often brings into play most of us getting caught in times with our credit cards that we find difficult to control. The temptation to buy and knowing that you do not have to pay instantly is a compounding that most judicious spenders find tricky to resist.

Learning to fly will cost you from $5,000 to $9,000 depending on where precisely what type of plane you chose to fly. The way to grab a kind interest-free credit card offers for 6 months a few year and charge the lessons. Others choose the “pay whenever you fly” alternative. Either way 25-30 lessons later you will be sitting up front, taking your relatives and buddies flying to see the world from the perspective.

Think about switching to be able to much cheaper credit bankcard. Take advantage of one of the 0% interest balance interest-free credit cards offers to produce much-needed breathing space on your repayments. Really you should stop with your golf irons credit card entirely prior to the debt is primarily cleared. However, if this is merely possible look for a credit card which also has a 0% introductory rate for purchases so that you’ll not supplementing your the existing problem. Please ensure you destroy your old card so you are not tempted employ it given that it is balance-free.

Immediate 2 hours are among the many kinds of short-term loans that assist us in meeting the emergency financial needs. Moreover, the urgent and unexpected needs will an associated with worry as one can quickly meet these with the aid of such finances. The basis for such loans is only and only your current income. It indicates even if you find yourself having a bad credit score, it would not be a barrier in applying and availing these quick loans for bad credit online in the USA. Also, the lenders have simple t’s and c’s to avail such loan products.

Terms of the balance transfer vary between zero percent balance transfer credit cards homemade cards. Be sure you read all the terms and scenarios carefully. Many cards charge you interest for the full introductory period if it’s not necessary to pay it away within the introductory year.

A superb way to repeat is to continually keep several hundred dollars you make use of in a severe event available from a savings or checking site. This can a person stay from a person’s debt load by having an alternative to credit cards available. Worries tip is to try deal with some extra cash with you and to keep extra cash you may use in your home.

Take some hard working person which has a loan and subsequently applies for a credit card with an average loan upper limit. There was no problem getting the money but software for the was denied. What happened? You need to think about how everything works and the difference between the loan and a Visa or Mastercard.

Balance transfer credit cards can be described as a great for you to get gone debt. However, can ” cure ” you when don’t have to your advantage. So pay focus on the details, set up a plan, and try to pay off that debt owed. You’ll be out of debt and into a more beautiful credit future in too busy.

What Sort Of Good Software Consultant Can Assist Your Business

To fully grasp the core idea I think it’s necessary to determine what title loans are usually. A title loan indicates having to relinquish your expert over the vehicle to a loan provider and in return, they provide a loan for the purchase of the new vehicle. The lender can return your title for you once you have fulfilled the mortgage obligations. Now, it may seem as if your old car is currently unavailable to you and that is entirely not true.

Changing careers could be exciting and frightening simultaneously. Those who are in need of a job because of workforce reduction will be stressed and fearful, but you may still find career choices out there. In today’s economic climate, it won’t be easy to find one more job. Some will need to obtain new skills, while others might have to adapt their present set of skills to fit into another part of work.

Named the leader in Business service management software, BMC offers a comprehensive approach plus unified platform that helps THIS organization cut cost, decrease risk and drive company profit.

Among the best website hosting service providers offer their particular services at a premium. Nevertheless, the same thing cannot be associated with affordable or free hosting suppliers. Most of these companies do have tie-ups with more prominent portals such as AOL and Yahoo. Furthermore, these companies provide facilities such as photo field service management, community attention portals, and emails. They are really straightforward and will assist setting up your website quickly. Several of these features come at a cost! Website owners need to tolerate Banner Ads. And you know what? The owners will have just no control over these ads in any way.

This short article actually covers all 3, in that, no matter which one you select YOU MUST KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT BOOKKEEPING. This is not an article about bookkeeping software, this is not an article regarding using that software. It is really an article about YOU having an introductory course about how BOOKKEEPING WORKS. This way, no matter what method mentioned above you need for the business, you can speak with authority and you won’t be residing in a fog when it comes to the particular numbers.

What small business idea requires your fancy? Whatever it really is, I suggest you consider writing a company plan so you can figure out where you stand going & the best way to make it happen. Depending on your type of company you may need some server software for small business. Numerous businesses can be started in an extra bedroom, a spare corner or use the kitchen table with very little cash and. You can use the family PERSONAL COMPUTER.

If you have completed the list and taken out issues that you consider as insignificant or not wanted, you and your fiancee have to discuss it trying to come to a proposal that will both of you can accept. It is time to arrange a gathering with the parents to discuss the different topics. The most difficult components will probably be those that involve cash – the budget and who will be going to pay and how a lot each. Another controversial concern is the guest list. Go through the topics in your list and discover what is most important to them. Attempt to reach a consensus.

When you lastly realize that the pros outweigh the particular disadvantages, it is but directly to get to know the top picks so your investment will be in the proper place. Knowing about the company procedures, or even the mission and eyesight, the chance of being a scam are usually huge factors that can generate your money to distance or even be gone right off the bat.

If you follow these types of easy steps, you’re sure to steer clear of the average pitfalls and fluctuations in business. Most successful individuals achieve success by learning from their own wins and losses whilst minimizing the ups and downs running a business.

4 Advantages And 4 Disadvantages Of Payday Loans

The holidays are here one more time. Family needs and financial demands increase. When you are hard up financially remember you will get a hand with a cash advance.

Pay off your highest interest loans first. This is OK to loan from your savings, for example, 401K, provided two conditions exist—you are strictly a financial diet and you genuinely eliminating high-interest loans like payday loans or credit card debt.

On the opposite hand, associated the system of repaying the loan, you will initially spend the money on the amount you borrowed candies interest rate added. The correct storm preparations say that payday loans are steeply-priced. Yes, it may be but previously sense in order to take it for granted, you always availed it of the intention of buying you luxurious wants never to utilize it to fix your broken financial system. Exactly, payday loans are often a financial tool, assistance, a help offered to us to overcome a financial system, not a loan service to provide our deluxe and ambitious is seeking.

Bankruptcy a vital financial foul to new creditors or lenders. This is often a legal declaration that states the person was insolvent with their debt. This stays on your own credit report for few years. If you are able to pay out for an involving your debt, then you’ll be required to put away Chapter thirteen. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy dismisses all debt, but a lot harder to qualify because of. There is a new law which requires all applicants obtain credit counseling before declaring bankruptcy.

There are much more complicated of websites which offer payday loans, anyone needs to exercise your due diligence before you go to an online lender. Obtain a lot of lenders, in which flying by night operators, which are not good an individual.

If you search online you uncover person to person lending networks to obtain the variety of loan for you’ve. These are much like the private party loans, anyone may possess a handful of folks that help to fund the loan. There are sites online that a person put your listing as well as the investors can buy your loan to help fund the following.

There plenty of resources of good things about getting a payday loan Online as an alternative to using kinds of lawsuit advance- have a peek here. When you receive an advance on the credit card, you upward paying high interest, sometimes for many months, prior to cash advance is compensated. Long-term loans also have a high interest which gets compounded occasion so in order to end up paying back as almost as much as double what you borrow.

Poor Credit Would Not Make Getting A 10 Dollars, 000 Loan Extremely Hard

Climbing onto the top green machine, a person backs her upwards out of the garage, in addition, to imagine your neighbors’ surprise when they notice the engine working. Curtains up and down Chanty Way are probably currently being opened right now to verify their hopes. However, when you lower the floor and try to mow, nothing at all happens. You don’t recognize anything about motory-type things – in fact, you cannot even know when there’s anywhere in Conroe to take this issue to get it set. Maybe it’s merely really old plus time for a new one?

You should also review any automatic obligations that you have set up together with the record and set pointers for them so that you is not going to have any big surprise withdrawals from your consideration.

Setup a rehabilitation program: If you cannot pay the entire amount, work with the gathering agency to create a payment plan known in this case as a rehabilitation plan that will be manageable based on your overall income. If the firm suggests a monthly settlement amount that you actually feel is unmanageable, tell them that you need a lower sum, and send simple interest installment loan calculator all of them documentation of your present income as resistant.

Even as we reported last month, government bodies and others said typically the loans often cornered borrowers in a pattern of debt, along with customers using the developments repeatedly to make payments paying a growing tally of fees along the way.

Even though advisers working with old age regions installment loan investments will no longer manage to accept compensation or perhaps payments that create a new conflict of interest, there are very many brokers will more than likely pursue.

Hello. Is my credit rating a great deal worse at this point? After I was only 20, I previously had near to 50 dollars, 000 total asking for a limit on just three charge cards merged and had been the platinum card case.

My little girl wrote me a $3, 000 check driven on Regions Financial institution in Atlanta. Not merely did I are available installment loans in Chicago ill person to money the check, I actually went to the actual part where she exposed the account (of course not that it matters, nonetheless. ). They billed me $20 (TWENTY DOLLARS!!! ) to be able to cash the verify! I had to close my own BOA account following an identity robbery issue and had exposed a new account the afternoon before. Since I did not have a debit credit card yet, I thought it could be more convenient to appear on the closer Regions. I have installment loans chicago still blown away. We don’t think there should be any kind of charge when showing a draft attracted on a bank, yet $5 would have already been reasonable (sort of). But $20?! Oh hell, what a ripoff!

Citigroup sold their local subprime client lending division, OneMain Financial, to Springleaf Financial in Walk, 2015. The latter provides adopted the name of the ex -, holding a mixed portfolio of 2. a few million customers inside 43 states.

Instantaneous Cheap Small Business Personal Loan!

Some team member will get a hold of you within 24 hours of the qualification submission. Soon after we confirm the information you have and complete the approval procedure loans can deposit in as few as 24 hours, and the dollars will be wired immediately to your account.

Now that we certainly have the bad news aside, the good news is that all will not be lost. There are loan companies willing to provide small business loans to proprietors with bad credit. Also, there are a few more creative approaches to secure the money that you just so desperately need. Thus without a further page, here are the top five ways to obtain a small business loan with bad credit.

For a small , interest-free loan, you may consider employing your personal credit to acquire an introductory 0% on purchases credit-based card These cards may have credit requirements for a business card, while the credit line is going to be much less likely some thousand you can carry the total amount for any business cost interest-free for that whole introductory period.

One of the essential things you can do is not to give up, even if you have got bad credit. There are a good amount of other financing choices out there for you and your business consequently don’t panic when banks and other classical financial institutions don’t bring you the money you will need.

A couple of reasons that we suggest Currency for devices financing are the lender’s competitive rates and versatile secured bad credit personal loan financing options. You may borrow up to $15 million through Forex, making its financial loans ideal for big-ticket gear and machinery. Prerequisites vary depending on the form of loan you submit an application for, but they are less included than what you’ll find which has a bank. For instance, you are going only to need a minimum creditworthiness of 475 to obtain a short-term financial loan or a cash advance, as well as a long-term loan calls for annual revenue regarding $100, 000 to put on. APRs range from 3% to 35%, which can be lower than what various other alternative lenders provide.

The products, the guidelines, this procedure and what you will need to have in place to make sure you can qualify if you want to finance for development.