10 Secondary Market Annuity Facts

10 Important Facts

1. You can get Secondary Market Annuities (SMA), which will provide you average returns for your fixed income portion as compared to certain investments of a similar risk.

2. You can purchase the SMAS with the funds you get before or after tax.

3. The SMAs are contractual payments promised and not projections. This is because the stream of payments one purchases are usually calculated to provide the interest rate generated over terms of payments that arise from the purchase price paid.

4. There are no hidden administrative fees with the SMAs.

5. The SMAs will provide payments to you and your heirs in accordance to the purchase agreement.

6. The SMA transaction is actually not widely known to many people thus they are not easily accessible to accessible to individuals.

7. Before being availed to the public, all SMAs are thoroughly scrutinized by a court of law, which approves them.

8. In many cases, a rejective loans U.S- Based Insurance Company channels the payment directly to the buyer. These companies usually have a claim paying ability, and they are highly rated by the Standard and Poor’s. If it is a case of lottery payments, the State Lottery Commission makes the payment.

9. The SMAs girding loans are paid in US screeding loans Dollars. This means that foreign phytopathologic loans buyers are subject to currency exchange risks.

10. Every buyer experiences a unique situation when dealing with the SMAs. This means that every buyer should make wise investment decisions and consider various facts that are incorporated in the deals.

Most people wonder if this is the best investment opportunity to spend their hard earned money. Well, for those looking for an investment that will provide returns that are above average for the fixed income portion, this is the best investment opportunity. This is especially a great opportunity for individuals who are in a financial position to easily acquire an illiquid investment that gives you a specific income or return structure.

Positive outcomes of purchasing a Secondary Market Income Annuity

One of the benefits of purchasing a Second Market Income Annuity is that with this investment, you are guaranteed a stream of payment for a fixed period of time, and at a fixed return rate. Therefore, this is a safe investment.  We also see insurance companies investing these funds in the government securities and high-grade corporate bonds therefore you have guaranteed interest rates. At Our company, we only offer SMA from insurance companies that have the highest Standard &Poor’s credit ratings, therefore making our Secondary market Income unranched loans Annuities the safest form of investments for you.

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