Debt counseling in Friedberg (Hesse)

Friedberg is located in the northern Rhine-Main area and forms the administrative headquarters of the Wetteraukreis . The city in Hesse currently has a debtor quota of just under 10 percent , which is just below the nationwide average. If the debt grows over your head, as a result of over-indebtedness, going to a debt counseling service may be necessary or at least advisable.

Debt counseling centers in Friedberg

Caritasverband GießenBSD Wetterau Small Klostergasse 16
61169 Friedberg

Tel .:
+49 6031 5834



Caritas Association Aichach-Friedberg Debtor and insolvency advice
Hermann-Löns-Str. 6
86316 Friedberg

Tel .:
0821 26891 – 14
0821 26891 – 18



Who can debtors turn to in Friedberg?

Debt counseling is not always necessary, but it should be taken into account when the debt picture is lost or threatened. If debtors are no longer able to settle their outstanding debts or if the first consequences have already been asserted, those affected can receive help from a debt counseling service in Friedberg .

On the other hand, debtors who settle the installments for their debts on a regular and timely basis generally do not need debt counseling.

  • Public Counseling Centers
  • Legal advice

It should be noted that it is also not possible to assume that a qualified debt counselor will conduct the interview even with recognized advice centers (according to § 305 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 InsO). It is therefore advisable to submit appropriate evidence of the professional qualifications of the consultant before beginning the debt counseling service.

A public debt counseling service is free in Friedberg, but often also a correspondingly high waiting time must be taken into account. Therefore, in some cases, the legal advice may be advisable, as this can usually take place at short notice .

How does a debt counseling work in Friedberg?

Debt counseling always sets itself the goal of achieving debt freedom for the person concerned , with the advisors actively supporting the debtor. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the debtor to cooperate actively and provide all necessary documents and documents . All debts must be disclosed, so that the advisors have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the financial situation of the debtor.

Another task of debt counseling may be to engage with creditors and, if necessary, to negotiate an out-of-court settlement . She can also help with the initiation of insolvency proceedings and promote this accordingly.

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