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Dindin, mini-credits up to € 1,100 and up to 6 months

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With Dindin.es the first loan is free and can be requested even by people over 70 years old. Dindin offers you the possibility of returning the money in monthly installments to make it easier for you.


Benefits No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Do not Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 7 days Deadline: 6 months Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 1,100

Dindin additional information


Dindin is a mini-credit company, formerly called Dinerio, which differs from other similar companies by granting quick loans of up to € 1,100 and being the only one that lends money to people over 70 years of age . Another fundamental difference, and why more and more people decide to ask for their loans in Dindin.es , is that it allows you to return the money in monthly installments of up to 6 months , no matter how small the loan amount is.

Dindin’s quick credits range from € 50 to a maximum of € 1,100 . The deadlines to return the loan in a single payment are 7, 14 and 30 days but you can ask for the money for a period of 3 and 6 months, in which case the return is made in comfortable monthly installments of up to 6 months.

New customers can order up to € 300 completely online . The only requirement is to be 23 years old or older and have a source of income, only with that you can get a loan of up to € 1,100 with Dindin.

Dindin Loans

Remember that you have the possibility to return the money also in monthly installments, the operation becomes more expensive but it may be easier to return the money in this way than if it is done in a single monthly payment thus avoiding problems.

How to order a minipréstano in Dindin

The request is made through the Internet, the first step is to access the dindin website to start the application process.

Once inside the web you have to choose the amount of money you need and the term . New customers can request up to a maximum of € 300 and the rest up to € 1,100 . After marking the amount of the mini credit, you must mark the term. If we want to return the money in a single payment can choose between 7, 14 or 30 days, if we prefer to do it in installments we select 3 or 6 months .

At all times we see on screen the cost of the loan depending on the amount requested and the term. If you are happy click on the “Get your loan” button.

In the next step you must enter your DNI or NIE number and press ” Continue “, in the next screen you must fill in your personal and contact information. Now to verify the data you can choose to send the documentation by email or WhatsApp or do it automatically by Instantor. If you choose Instantor, you receive an answer about the loan grant automatically .

Finally, if the mini-credit has been accepted by Dindin, you receive it in minutes in your bank account. As you can see, it is a simple, convenient and quick way to request a small quick credit online.

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