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Parents, students, teachers and universities are opposed to another 'tasazo' in enrollment

  • The unions will contact the student movements to raise a response if the increase in enrollment is confirmed.
  • “The Madrilenians will end up out of higher education unless they have a lot of purchasing power,” criticizes Fapa Giner de los Ríos.
  • The Community can induce an increase of between 15 and 27%.

15% to 27% increase

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The educational community rejects the increase of between 15% and 27% that the government of Ignacio González wants to apply to the university enrollment from the next academic year. Although the price is not yet signed, parents, students, teachers, unions and citizen groups are preparing for another autumn of mobilizations.

The rectors have been the first to get up. Fernando Galván, head of the University of Alcalá de Henares and spokesperson for the group, did not hesitate to make public the plans that the Minister of the industry, Lucía Figar, had transmitted to them in individual meetings. These happen because the universities compensate a new cut in funding (up to 55 million) with the increase in rates .

Where will the expelled go for lack of money? However, the rectors warn, the remedy would be worse than the disease. “If enrollment increases, fewer students will enroll, the income will fall, the research will suffer and we will not cover the expenses,” a spokesperson explained. “In the end, the universities will have to dismiss professors and administrative staff because they will be strangled,” adds Paula Guisande, Secretary of Knowledge and Youth of CC OO.

Universities have parents on their side. José Luis Pazos, president of Fapa Giner de los Ríos, criticizes that the Community has not “caught” the message after two general strikes: “In Madrid, who does not have high purchasing power , will be left out.” “In the FP, taxes have also been imposed, there is no employment, where will those expelled for lack of money go?” They point out from the university sector of UGT.

The Student Union and the Take the Faculty collective, which have championed the fight against the PP’s educational reform and against the cuts, have also shown their willingness to organize imprisonments and protests.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the Ministry of Education devoted to universities up to 165 million euros less . In addition, it owes several million in funds committed for the period 2007-2011 and recognized in court ruling. The game dedicated to infrastructure and repairs has practically been zero. On the other hand, enrollment increased by 38% on average . This time, the figure will depend on the objective of the deficit that the central government marks for the Autonomous Community and what it wants to allocate to Higher Education.

Bethlehem Montilla. 19 years. Fine arts.

“I want to study Fine Arts or Journalism, my parents will pay me the tuition, about 1,300 euros, but if they raise the credits again we will have to get rid of other things to save and pay for the studies in installments.” This summer I have looked for a job to help. My mother is very angry because she says that they do not want us to study or have culture, that’s why we have to fight “.

Ana Martínez 22 years. Journalism and Audiovisual Communication.

“My father paid the 1,400 euros of my enrollment, I only have the final year job and the internship, but that’s why I also have to pay, so Minister Wert does not come out saying that they give us the studies because we also contribute with our There are people who take advantage of scholarships , but you have to give them to those who need them . “

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