The alleged female swindler alleges that he always wanted to return the money

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Albert C., the man accused of embezzling allegedly 25 women to keep his money, has denied today that he cheated an ex-girlfriend who denounced him in 2015 because “at all times” he intended to return the 2,280 euros that she lent him.

Albert C. has returned today to the Ciutat de la Justícia de Barcelona to be tried for two complaints of fraud by two women who allegedly ripped off his money, between 2015 and 2016, although the second of them it has been suspended at the request of the defense so that its psychiatric history is brought to the case and examined by a coroner.

According to the lawyer explained by Albert C. to the media, his client has 25 complaints from women who accuse him of having seduced them to keep their money, although according to their version they are all due to a campaign driven by an ex-girlfriend of the defendant through a web page.

In the first of the trials held today, in which Albert C. was accused of defrauding a woman to whom he borrowed money alleging that he had suffered an accident and had to undergo surgery, the defendant has argued that his intention was always to return the money lent to the complainant and that he did so months later.

The prosecution requests two years and six months in prison for Albert C. for this alleged scam, since the defendant ended up returning the money once he knew that the complainant – who has declared behind closed doors, without public – had initiated legal action against him .

In her final conclusions, the prosecutor has argued that in the story of both there are similarities, such as that they maintained a love relationship after meeting through an application of contacts, while they differ in the facts that motivated her to lend him the money.

According to the defendant, from the first day they met, he told the injured party that he did not have a job and therefore he was asking for different amounts of money for his daily needs.

The prosecutor, however, has highlighted the version of the complainant, who said that Albert C. was presented as a private investor who handled large amounts of money and requested money in situations of great need -as an operation that required after a accident-, so the victim lent it “in good faith”.

Although both did not establish a date to return the loans, the prosecutor maintains that the defendant only paid the amount to the affected one when it knew that she had denounced him.

The second trial to be held this morning, which corresponds to similar events that occurred in 2016, has been suspended after the defense has requested that its client be examined by a forensic doctor because since that year he has been undergoing “psychiatric treatment” for depression.

The prosecutor, who has referred to Albert C. has a history of slight fraud and has recalled the rest of proceedings opened against him for alleged similar scams, has indicated that the accused “was engaged in this” to obtain income.

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